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TST will be releasing bi-monthly Newsletters, starting on Feb 1st this year. We will include relevant contact details, as well as a recap of all the months highlights for the students, including pictures taken by the staff of what's been going on down at Merryhue Farm.

If you are interested in receiving this Newsletter, please send a request to adam@battling-on.com, making clear that you wish to be put on the list.

We hope you have had a pleasant start to 2023!

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TST Team

About Transferable Skills Training

Transferable Skills Training (TST) is an education and training centre specialising in teaching vocational skills to young people. TST was established in 2004 to work primarily with young people who have fallen outside mainstream education or training, offering a provision to 16-19 year olds alongside young adults with educational healthcare plans up to the age of 24. We have a flexible and individual approach to re-engaging these young people, helping them to gain vocational qualifications, and to progress into further training, education or employment.

Where needed, our learners are given full support with all aspects of personal and social development alongside their educational programme. We have an open-door counselling policy where students can access help at the point of need, and we will arrange more specialist counselling where needed.

TST has a rolling programme of education, whereby learners can engage with us at any point during the academic year.


Transferable Skills Training has a number of dedicated teaching workshop, including a fully equipped carpentry workshop at the top of the farm, where students can learn the basics of woodwork.

Five Oaks 

We have a newly refurbished room at the bottom of Merryhue Farm for our special educational needs students. It has its own kitchen, toilet facilities and sitting area. It's a cosy, calming space where students can carry out a range of fun and eductional activities.

Construction Workshop

At the bottom of the farm, we have a space dedicated to providing students with tools aiding in Contruction. Tasks involved cement mixing, bricklaying, and more!

Together We Can Succeed Logo

The “Together We Can Succeed” programme is a joint venture between Battling On, Transferable Skills Training (TST) and Work Skills South West to help engage vulnerable young people who had dis-engaged from education. This Award winning programme has gained widespread acclaim and was filmed by the BBC for Comic Relief....

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