Entry 2 & Entry 3 Skills for Independence & Employability

The OCNLR Level 1 Certificate/Diploma in Progression has been designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to progress to vocational study, in any sector. It offers an opportunity to develop essential learning skills along with vocational units from one or more sectors. This enables learners to develop a firm foundation for successful progression to Level 2 vocational qualifications.

Units are taken from several vocational areas, ideally suited to learners who may not have decided on a specific vocational route yet. This qualification gives the learner the opportunity to explore several different vocational areas before specialising at Level 2.

A typical study programme may include some of the following units:
  • Health & Safety Awareness in a Working Environment
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Repairing a Cycle Puncture
  • Replacing Cycle Brake Assemblies
  • Systematic Cycle Checking
  • Carpentry Hand Skills
  • Developing Angling Skills
  • Participating in Leaisure Activities
  • Taking Part in Sport