For learners who are 16-18 years old, or over 18 and have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Programme), we offer a full time study programme which comprises of 3 elements:

Core Qualifications

  • The awarding body is OCN London
  • Qualifications can be an Award, Certificate or Diploma
  • See individual course pages for more details

Functional Skills

  • The awarding body is NOCN
  • Levels of study start at Entry Level through to Level 1 and Level 2

Work Experience & Enrichment

All learners, as a part of their study programme, will undertake work experience and enrichment activities, enabling development of interpersonal, life, employability and independent living skills.

Courses are taught in small groups with the emphasis on learning practical skills and individual development. Through our unique rolling programme students can enrol with TST at any time during the academic year (subject to availability).

There are no entry requirements for any of the courses. We assess learners on an individual basis through taster days, informal discussions and observations, and will make recommendations based on this.

We offer free individual taster days for potential learners to experience what we have to offer before making a decision about enrolling. If you would like to know more about taster days or enrolment please contact us.

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