About Transferable Skills Training

Transferable Skills Training (TST) is an education and training centre specialising in teaching vocational skills to young people. TST was established in 2004 to work primarily with young people who have fallen outside mainstream education or training, offering a provision to 16-19 year olds alongside young adults with educational healthcare plans up to the age of 24. We have a flexible and individual approach to re-engaging these young people, helping them to gain vocational qualifications, and to progress into further training, education or employment.

Where needed, our learners are given full support with all aspects of personal and social development alongside their educational programme. We have an open-door counselling policy where students can access help at the point of need, and we will arrange more specialist counselling where needed.

TST has a rolling programme of education, whereby learners can engage with us at any point during the academic year.

We believe that students who are engaged and interested in what they are doing will learn and achieve. 

All our courses have a high emphasis on practical learning, whether that is through the work experience element or for functional skills, which are embedded in all aspects of the courses. There are a range of enrichment activities available to all students, encouraging self-confidence and teamwork.

We have a unique approach to learning which is very successful, working in small groups with dedicated and highly skilled staff who are experienced in working with young people who may have complex issues. Our results are outstanding, with over 90% of students passing their qualifications in the last 3 years.