Learning will mainly be through practical hands on sessions

This qualification will provide learners with the underpinning study skills and introductory vocational knowledge required to progress to further Level 2 study or employment within the area of animal care or other related sectors.

Skills for Professions in Horticulture, Environmental and Animal Care: Level 1 and level 2

These qualifications have been developed to provide a flexible approach to study, combining vocational units with ones to enhance learning and employability.

The vocational units fall into four themes: i) horticulture, which encompasses but is not restricted to an organic approach; ii) environmental conservation; iii) ‘green care’, which adopts a holistic approach to the relationship between outdoor environments and human health and wellbeing; and iv) animal care.

The purpose of these qualifications is to provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to enable progress to further study in horticulture, environmental and animal care and ultimately to work in these or other related areas. The qualifications are a useful introduction to learners exploring outdoor careers in these areas.