An apprenticeship can be an excellent choice if you want to earn and learn at the same time. Most employers who take on an apprentice provide plenty of support and help, and will be keen to see you progress and learn new skills. You typically spend 4 days a week at work and 1 day at college. The minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.50 per hour with all the normal employee benefits. At the end of the course you will have gained a qualification and can choose to continue onto the next level, do further training, or go into full time employment.


Perhaps you feel ready to join the workforce as a regular employee. That means you’ll need a CV, some knowledge on job searching and how to make your application successful. Remember that our staff are always available for help and advice, whether you’re a current or ex-student. Here are some links to help you navigate through the whole process. You can also look at our page “CVs and Letters” for templates and examples.

Training and Education

If your next step is continuing in education, perhaps gaining some more specific skills or changing direction completely, you’ll need to find out about courses and how to apply. Do you have the necessary entry qualifications? Have you thought about transport? What will attending a different college feel like? Will you get the right support? We can arrange for you to attend an open day, or have a private visit. Our staff will help you to look at course content to decide if a course is right for you.